How Does a Turbo Work?

Simply put, the amount of power an engine puts out is determined by how much fuel and O2 an engine can efficiently burn. When I say amount, I’m including the oxygen that makes the combustion hotter too. So, if more power is wanted then more air and fuel is needed, how do we achieve this? The air/fuel mixture can go through a turbo before it gets to the cylinders.

So, How Does a Turbo Work? This is what a super-charger or turbo-charger does. It simply forces more air into the combustion chamber. A turbo-charger is made to make pressure by routing exhaust gasses over a turbine that spins as fast as 15000 RPM’s. It compresses air with the turbine wheel at the other end of the shaft.
The diesel injection pump has a air/fuel pressure sensor on it so that when the turbo-charger is revving up, extra fuel can be injected into each cylinder at the exact right time. There are two problems with compressing air, it gets hot by being compressed and it is operated by hot exhaust gasses.
Turbo-charging a diesel motor is easier than turbo-charging a gasoline engine. One problem for a gasoline engine is that if the compression ratio is too high, and the pressure in the cylinder gets too high, then the extra cylinder pressure can damage the lower end of the engine if it is not reinforced.

A turbo increases the pressure in the cylinder making this problem worse. With a diesel engine, it is built right from the factory to withstand the extra cylinder pressures created by turbocharging. And don’t forget that a diesel engine has more compression than gasoline engine in the first place.

It’s easy to see why the turbo takes a beating and can experience a failure periodically. As you can see, a turbocharger is a complicated and precision piece of equipment. Replacing a worn out turbo can be costly. Don’t buy your next turbo by price alone.

It’s a proven fact that the cheapest replacement parts end up costing more in the long run. They may not perform to specs either. You can’t go wrong buying the best. It always costs less in terms of time, money and aggravation to buy a rebuilt turbo from

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