Toyota Supra Turbochargers/Turbos for Sale

Made from 1979 from 2002 the Toyota Supra was considered a sports car/grand tourer. All Supras came with inline six cylinder engines. Being a conventional front engine car. The Supra was a comfortable sports car with all of the necessary driver comforts, a good suspension and several engines offered came with turbochargers.

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In 1979, the MA46 [chassis code] was offered with a 145 hp 1,988 cc /121.3 cu in 12-valve SOHC turbocharged inline-6 engine. Code M-TEU. The engine was equipped with a Garrett T03 turbo, but was not intercooled. This was the first Toyota engine to utilize a turbocharger.

In 1982 chassis model MA63 used the same turbo-ed engine as well. The Supra was also available in two models in Japan, only the JZA70 with a 2.5 L twin-turbo 1JZ-GTE engine, AKA the 2.5 GT Twin Turbo [JZA70], and the GA70 with a 2.0 L twin-turbo 1G-GTE and non turbo 1G-GEU.

The Supra was no slug anyway, but adding a turbo required larger brakes and a better suspension to control the extra power and speed with more safety. A turbo changes an already decent sports car into a beast.

The way the turbo works on a Supra is simple in theory but more complicated in design. Turbos provide free horsepower. The engine itself is usually a beefed up block, pistons and structural internal components, which can handle the extra horsepower a turbo produces. If one were to turbo an engine not beefed up, a premature failure would be the end result, a stock engine will fail with the added pressure a turbo puts on it.

The exhaust gases are rerouted by a Y pipe in the exhaust system. One pipe goes to the muffler, the other pipe actually operates the turbo pump on the top of the engine, as opposed to a supercharger, which uses a power robbing belt to drive it.

The only thing I had to adjust to regarding turbo chargers is that there is less exhaust noise because the exhaust gets rerouted. It has a different sound and needs some adjustment to get used to such power and speed in near silence. It does not take long to fall in love with this setup. The Toyota Supra used a very highly advanced system for the time which is why the turbo charged engines were so fast and reliable.

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