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How Does a Turbo Work?

Simply put, the amount of power an engine puts out is determined by how much fuel and O2 an engine can efficiently burn. When I say amount, I’m including the oxygen that makes the combustion hotter too. So, if more power is wanted then more air and fuel is needed, how do we achieve this?…

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Toyota Supra Turbochargers/Turbos for Sale

Made from 1979 from 2002 the Toyota Supra was considered a sports car/grand tourer. All Supras came with inline six cylinder engines. Being a conventional front engine car. The Supra was a comfortable sports car with all of the necessary driver comforts, a good suspension and several engines offered came with turbochargers. If you own…

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Porsche 911 Turbo for Sale

Porsche 911 is the most winning-est race car in the world, yup, if you combine every other car manufacturer and how many races they have won all together, Porsche 911 has more wins all by itself. They won races with cars that were naturally aspirated first, and many, many more with engines that have turbos…

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