Subaru WRX STI Turbos for Sale

Have you ever imagined what a turbo does to make so much more horsepower? A turbocharger literally boosts the horsepower by forcing more air into the intake side of an engine. The whole premise of a turbo is to force oxygen into the engine thus increasing compression and horsepower.

Turbos have been around for decades, though not very advanced for automotive use until the last 10 or 15 years. My first experience with a turbo was in the early 70’s. I worked at a racing transmission shop and had the chance to go on the ride on the road-test. It was not exactly what I expected, but the car was fast and silent.

Basically turbos have become very popular because they are free horsepower. Simply put, the exhaust gasses are rerouted to a turbocharger assembly on the intake manifold. The beauty of this is that the turbo is driven by exhaust faces, instead of a power robbing belt like a supercharger.

What happens is the gasses allow the turbo to spin at speeds as high as 16000 rpms [revolutions per minute]. Which is fast. The turbo boosts the intake pressure and sends an oxygen charged blast of air into the combustion chamber, effectively increasing the compression by a lot. Which make more power.

The beauty of this is number one, it allows a smaller, lighter engine to make as much or more power than a heavier large engine. Number two, a significant fuel savings is part of the deal, because the engine is smaller in size, it uses less fuel.

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