Saleen S7 Turbochargers for sale

Saleen is a small privately owned car company that produces several different hand built street/racing cars, the one we are interested in today is the S7, which has a dual turbochargers. It is made in America and resembles a few costly Italian cars, like Ferrari and Lamborghini. The 427 cubic inch V-8, 7.0-liter, clearly sounds like a car from another time, from the ’60’s, when muscle cars were muscle cars. The S7 Saleen makes good use of dual turbos and four cats to control emissions and quiet down the raw sound from such a wild engine.

With 427 cubic inches of V-8 power, similar to Ford’s Racing engines and turbo-ed by twin Garrett turbo-assemblies, talk about torque and pure raw power, the engine puts out enough torque to scare the XXXX out of you at any speed. Our Saleen S7 Turbochargers for sale cost less and offer greater value call now 1-866-244-4905.

One of the road tests I read had this to say “Floor the throttle when you’re rolling along in first gear on a dry, straight road, and the engine fries the rear tires when the boost comes up. On a winding road, it doesn’t much matter whether you run in second, third, or fourth gear because there’s enough power in any of them to summon big-time oversteer if you’re clumsy in a corner.”

So how does a turbo work? In concept it is quite simple. The idea is to use the engines exhaust gasses to operate an air pump on top of the intake manifold and force more air into the cylinders. What happens is the extra oxygen makes a larger explosion, under greater cylinder pressure, so more power is produced without robbing power by having to use a drive belt to operate it, like a supercharger.

The systems have become so refined in the last 10 years that they are very popular on small car engines to boost the power to acceptable levels with out increasing the weight of the cars and killing fuel mileage.

A turbocharger takes a lot of abuse. It is located on top of the engine, where it gets exposed to lots of heat. Most turbocharger pumps operate at 16000 plus RPM’s. Which makes bearings and lubrication a major issue. Meaning that anything that spins that fast needs quality bearings and the best lubrication possible.

Most factory turbos last a long time, pre mature failures are generally not an issue if you have a factory turbo on the car. The problems occur when one buys a turbo of unknown quality or simply buys a cheap one.

Simply put, it makes no sense in the first place to buy a crummy turbo for less, for a car like the Saleen. Why would you compromise the extraordinary engineering of such a car? Saleen owners won’t.

If you need a turbo for your S7 Saleen, take a minute to call @ 1-866-244-4905 right now and learn more about the subject and buy the exact product for your needs at an affordable price.

Remember, the cost of a substandard turbo will sting longer than, and cost more than one of our preferred grade turbocharger assemblies. Call now for more details.

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