Porsche 911 Turbo for Sale

Porsche 911 is the most winning-est race car in the world, yup, if you combine every other car manufacturer and how many races they have won all together, Porsche 911 has more wins all by itself. They won races with cars that were naturally aspirated first, and many, many more with engines that have turbos since formally being introduced in 1977.

Not an ordinary car, or turbo charger, Porsche is the best engineered car in the world, everyone else is only following them. The first Porsche turbo-ed cars were made from 1975 to 1989: the 911 Turbo, also numerically refered to as the ‘type 930’ in America. It has a big beautiful whale tail and bulgy wheel wheels.

No matter how you look at it, when you push the gas pedal on a Porsche 911 Turbo, the sensation is nothing like anything you expected or experienced before. We are not even talking about the excellent handling or brakes either, which are a must on a car that has so much speed and power. Go fast cars must stop fast too. That’s Rule One.

At any speed, in any gear, hit the throttle and the rear tires break loose and spin like they are on ice, the car is so powerful. It’s very exciting and tends to make your legs weak and shaky.

Nothing on a Porsche is conventional, so this may be the most advanced turbocharging system in the world. The whole car is designed to perform. Every component is designed for performance. The newer Porsche 911 turbo’s are very luxurious as well, making the interior noise almost 100% isolated from the exterior noise, making for an unreal sensation when going from 0 to 100 in about 6 seconds in total silence and the a/c blasting.

I have to admit to you I own a Porsche, a 1970 911 RS. It does not have A/C. It is not a luxury super performance modern turbo Porsche. It is only a super fast, not so luxurious, exciting P-car. I reveal this info so that you can understand that Porsche owners won’t compromise the integrity of their cars, ever.

If the unfortunate event occurs and you have a turbo failure, call the one company who can outfit you with a replacement turbo befitting of a Porsche, we are not just an ordinary company.

Every turbo we sell has precision, OEM parts and pure value built right into it. We give a peace of mind guarantee to prove it too. Call 1-866-244-4905 right now for qualified information by an intelligent sales rep. TurbosandSuperchargers.com

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