Nissan GT-R Turbos for Sale

I remember the first turbochargers, a long time before many of my readers were born. It was 1967, I was introduced to my first turbo, but, what a disappointment. It was a long shot from the high tech systems in use today. I want to tell you a bit about that experience, but the first thing I need to cover is that lots of small cars have turbos nowadays.

Turbochargers increase horsepower by forcing more air/oxygen into the intake, which is commonly where the air cleaner is. The strategy behind a turbo is really simple, and it was originally very simple. However, new technology was needed to make a modern well mannered product.

Even if you need a Nissan GT-R turbo for sale. The basic theory of function is the same as the one I experienced in the ’60’s. To begin, the exhaust gasses are rerouted back to a pump or blower on the intake manifold. The exhaust gasses are under enough pressure to make the pump on the intake side spin as fast as 16000 revolutions per minute. 1-866-244-4905

The pump then forces more air down the intake manifold, thus increasing air density and compression, which in turn adds considerable power to the engine. That is quite a simplified description of a turbo, but that’s how they work. Even if it’s a big truck engine with a turbocharger.

If replacing your turbo is why you are reading this, then here are my tips on buying. Buy the best one available. Anything that spins at 16000 rpms needs to be in perfect order. More so, if it is rebuilt, all bearings should be changed with a top brand name, like Timken. No room to cut corners.

Not only the parts, but every turbo has to be exactly calibrated for the car it goes in. You can’t use a turbo from a different year or model car. In order to perform right, it has to be calibrated on a special machine. No seat of the pants technology will produce the results you demand.

As with any turbo, the Nissan GT-R works the turbo hard and often. With exhaust gases running through it, lots of heat is located right in this area, so the best gaskets are needed so they don’t become heat damaged and fail prematurely.

Sorry to say, I’ll have to tell you about the first turbos in anther post, so do return.

No good purpose comes out of not buying the best. Cheap parts don’t last and end up costing more in the end, on top of frustrating the heck out of you. Not to mention more down time and aggravation. Buy the best the first time, save money and time, especially in the long run.

Call one of my specialists right now at 1-866-244-4905 and get a free education on turbo assembly replacement. We have the right product waiting to ship right now.

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