Hyundai Scoupe Turbos for Sale

Turbochargers are the best way to extract more power out of a small engine. Actually a turbo will extract more power out of any engine. The Hyundai Scoupe is a 2 door coupe similar to the Hyundai Excel and was made from 1990 to 1995. The version with the 5 speed manual transmission had a turbo on it.

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The engine itself is 1.5 liters in size, or less than 100 cubic inches. Not very big. Not very much power, 92 horsepower. [My motorcycle has more power than that]. Without adding to the weight of the car, and not having to redesign the car for another engine, Hyundai added a turbocharger to this engine, and increased the power output, modestly stated at 115 HP.

A turbo is essentially free horsepower. It draws no power from the engine to operate, using exhaust gases to power the turbo, as opposed to a power robbing drive belt a supercharger uses.

Being an economy car first, it was sluggish and underpowered for American roads, so it was a natural choice to adapt a turbo to the engine, set it up for a modest boost, and add enough power to make the car spunky enough for modern roads, while not increasing weight or lowering fuel mileage.

“Hyundai says the Scoupe is the first production application for Garrett Automotive Products’ new model T15 turbocharger.” The turbo unit is designed with water-cooled bearings and aluminum housings and an integral wastegate.

The turbocharged Alpha engine claims a 14% increase in power over its 1.5L non turbo-ed engine.

Replacement turbos are available at for very reasonable prices. We know the Scoupe is an economy car, with that in mind we price our turbos so they are affordable to replace and keep your car. Why sell a good running car otherwise?

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