General Motors Superchargers for Sale, All Models

Did you know a lot of the cars on the road have superchargers built right onto the engine from the factory? General Motors has used superchargers very effectively on a broad range of cars for over 15 years? Before I list the most popular General Motors engines that use a supercharger, let me explain in simple terms how it works and the specific engines that have them.

The two engines that most commonly are used in plenty of GM cars that use a supercharger are: L67 and L32. Those are the factory engine RPO codes. RPO means regular production option. So the engines are standard options. Both are V6 engines and have the necessary beefing up of critical areas performed before the engines are assembled at the factory.

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1. L67: A 3.8 liter engine with an Eaton Generation lll M90 supercharger, introduced in 2006.
2. L32: The L32 is a supercharged Series III engine. Introduced in 2004, the main differences between the L67 and the L32 is the L32’s electronic wire throttle control, improved cylinder head design, and updated Eaton supercharger, the Generation 5 M90.

Did you know superchargers were originally invented for airplanes? Well the basic idea of supercharging is pretty simple theoretically. If effect there is an air pump mounted on top of the intake manifold. A belt drives the air-pump or supercharger, which generates pressure. What happens is the super charger forces lots more air into the engine. When more air, specifically oxygen is forced into a combustion changer, more O2 makes the air richer and denser, so the compression effectively goes way up.

This is physics, more air makes more compression, more compression makes a bigger explosion, a bigger explosion forces the pistons to move faster and with more power. A stock engine comes with anywhere from 8 to 1 compression, to 9 to one compression. A supercharged engine comes with a low 6 to 1 compression. Why, Because when the engine starts and the supercharger forces air into the combustion chamber, the enriched charge effectively raises the compression to over 17 to one.

This of course makes a lot more power and heat. It makes a lot more instant on demand horsepower too. I think superchargers are really cool, I’m an old school guy, and I was exposed to my first Paxton supercharger in the 1966 Shelby Mustangs. All I can say is WOW. All of a sudden a small block engine has big block power, without the weight.

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