Used F350 Turbos-Turbochargers for Sale

Ford trucks are well known for working hard. As a veteran mechanic for over 40 years, the F350 is one of the most popular work trucks ever. As far as trucks go, there is always a demand to carry more weight and pull it easier. What did Ford do to make the F350 have more pulling power? They added a turbo, or turbocharger to the 7.3 liter diesel engine.

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It was the only logical avenue to take. Having added the diesel engine to the lineup as early as 1983, owners were demanding more power and better response from the original 6.9 liter naturally aspirated diesel engine. Only one thing could fix this issue, a turbocharger.

In 1994, the first Ford Powerstroke 7.3 liter turbocharged engine was introduced with unbelievable acceptance and success. This engine is a legend of sorts. It started the whole big cubic inch, super high torque turbocharged diesel engine craze in light duty and medium duty trucks.

A turbo is an ingenious invention first heard of in 1985, made by a familiar named man: Gottlieb Damlier, from the Daimler, Mercedes Benz heritage. It’s first known official usage was on airplanes. Turbochargers force more air, oxygen into the cylinders.

As an airplane ascends, the air becomes thinner, so an internal combustion engine, which relies on O2 to operate loses power as it gets into thin air. That is not so good for an airplane. So, by forcing air into the engine, it can continue to make enough power to fly safely at altitudes. It did not take long for man to adapt it to cars.

Now it’s history. Though turbos did not become popular on cars or light duty trucks until the 80’s. Engineers have perfected the designs for turbos and eliminated some of the unpopular characteristics.

Turbos are popular now on all sorts of cars now. If you own an F350 and have a turbo failure, it’s a wise decision to buy a rebuilt turbo that meets and beats the original factory turbo in quality and lifespan. A cheap turbo will only end up costing more, not to mention the possibility of unlimited warranty problems, which are frustrating and angering.

There is no reason to cut corners on replacement turbo assemblies. Every rebuilt turbo we sell uses better than factory parts and upgrades, plus we make sure all of the bearings are made in America, where the best bearings are made. Remember, a turbo spins at speeds as high as 15000 revolutions per minute.

Another critical area of remanufacturing is recalibrating the turbo to optimum specifications, so the turbo matches your engine perfectly. Regardless of how good the rebuilding process is, if the turbo is not re calibrated after the refreshing job, it won’t work it’s best, that is a fact.

The fact is only sells the finest rebuilt turbos on the market. The wonderful thing about it is this. They actually cost less than you may expect, especially when you weigh out the long term value based on mileage per dollar, and lack of problems. Call 1-866-244-4905 right now has salespeople waiting for your call, our expert customer service experts have as much time as you need to make a great decision. Call now, educated consumers make better decisions.

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