BMW Series 3 Turbos for Sale E90

The Series 3 BMW is described as a compact executive car, being manufactured since 1975. To say this is a successful model is an understatement. Called model E90 it is the fifth generation BMW 3 Series. It is considered by many an entry level super performance luxury car. With over ten engine variants, with two using turbochargers for added umph.

The engines offered are as such; 1.6L I4; 2.0L I4; 2.5L I6; 3.0L I6; 3.0L Twin-Turbo I6; 4.0L V8; 2.0L Diesel I4; 3.0L Diesel I6; 3.0L Twin-Turbo Diesel I6

As stated, of the engines offered, two of them use turbo assemblies. One engine is a dual turbocharged diesel engine, since this post in on turbochargers, lets discuss a twin turbo arrangement. The one we are speaking of is a parallel twin turbo, not the sequential twin turbo arrangement.

Parallel twin-turbo is a description of a turbocharger system in which two identical turbochargers function in parallel at the same time, splitting the turbocharging duties equally. Each turbocharger is driven by half of the engine’s exhaust gasses. In essence it lowers the wear and tear on the turbo system, it is also a more complicated and expensive system to care for. Of course, it is made by BMW. So the supreme German engineering is there.

The turbo-ed gasoline engine offered in the E90 is called the BMW N54 engine. It is an inline 6 cylinder motor with 3.0 liters of displacement [2979cc or 181 cubic inches] having direct injection and twin turbochargers. Technically called the N54B30 it ranged from 306 horsepower to 335 horsepower depending on the year and model of Series 3 BMW.

A turbo is an outstanding and popular method of extracting more horsepower and torque from a smaller motor, thus saving weight [from a bigger engine] and offering unusually good fuel mileage for a super car like this.

Turbo chargers take a lot of use, or abuse, it is not unreasonable to need a replacement turbo unit at some point for many reasons. In most cases a failure occurs because of 1. lack of maintenance, 2. lots of mileage. Without going into involved and less interesting details, if you were to have a turbo failure on a BMW series 3 engine, the only turbo worthy of such a car is one of our replacement turbo assemblies.

If you need a replacement BMW Series 3 Turbo for Sale E90/ model, call a living, intelligent human being who has the proper answers to your questions. Remember, an educated consumer always makes better decisions. It’s our job to provide the education. Call right now and find out what really good customer service is all about. 1-866-244-4905.

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