BMW 745i Turbos For Sale

Claiming to be the Ultimate Driving Machine, driving the BMW 745i is an emotional experience, an engineering freak wrapped in pure luxury, yet capable of converting its considerable power into unusual excitement, while sending any car enthusiast into 100% satisfaction and excitement. What provides so much power and does it with no effort? A turbo charged engine.

The 745i is a unique and specialized vehicle with an engine that has a turbocharger. A six cylinder 3.4 liter BMW engine: code M102. Since it was a special model, it was named the 745i because it has a turbo, the naturally aspirated engined cars were named model E23.

The basic idea behind using a turbo on this model was to allow a 3.4 liter engine to produce the same power of a larger and heavier engine, such as the 5.5 liter BMW engine, which is not turbo charged. BMW was a pioneer in automotive turbo design and advancement. BMW helped make turbos more applicable for today’s modern cars by eliminating turbo lag and some other undesirable traits.

Yes, turbos go bad. Heck, they get abused all day long, operating under intense heat and pressure. If you end up with a need to replace your turbo, we have BMW 745i Turbos for sale at affordable prices with pure value built right into them. You can call right now if you like 1-866-244-4905.

I like that all 745i models were made with automatic transmissions only. If you have never ridden in a Bimmer 745i, you need to. It is remarkable at how fast the turbo propels this car in utter silence, with the A/C on and stereo blasting, it’s quite an experience for the ordinary person. Especially not having to shift gears.

I hope my point is made. If A/C work is a necessity on your 745i, don’t cheat yourself, buy the best, the best always pays off in the long run. Cheap parts insinuate short term thinking. For less money, our A/C compressors outperform the dealership parts and cost a fraction of the price. Fact.

If you need more questions answered, call 1-866-244-4905 right now and get the answers you need from an intelligent human being.

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