Used 2003-2004 Mustang Terminator Superchargers for Sale

The 2004 and 2004 Mustang Cobra: the SN-95 2 SVT Mustang Cobra came with a 4.6 liter supercharged DOHC Modular Ford V8 engine. It is an anomaly. Most cars use turbos to increase horsepower, but a supercharger is cooler. It may not have as nice road manners though.

This is a hot car, and sometimes superchargers break for various reasons, if that’s why you are here, to examine and buy a 2003-2004 Mustang Terminator Supercharger for Sale, then you can make the call now, 1-866-244-4905 right now, or read more.

Many structural upgrades were made to the engine itself to improve it’s integrity. Driveline and brakes were updated to handle the increase in horsepower from the non supercharged engines. A cast iron block was used instead of aluminum, with stronger internal components, including forged racing pistons and Manley H-beam connecting rods that were modified by adding a wrist pin oiling hole.

Does everyone know how a supercharger works? In it’s purest description, it forces more air into the motor. A lot more air, effectively raising the compression ratio. If you force more air into a fixed space like a combustion chamber. When it is compressed, or squeezed, the more ‘dense’ air makes more pressure. This causes a greater explosion in the cylinder, which translates into a lot more horsepower, instantly on demand.

One of the issues with just slapping a supercharger on any old engine is the engines ability to take the increased power and stress. That’s why the internal components were wisely beefed up by Ford. They knew what would happen and solved it before it could, through good design.

I have ridden in and driven supercharged cars many times and believe me, it will get your blood pumping.

Back on track. A pump is mounted on top of the engine. The pump is driven by a fan belt. As you give the car throttle the supercharger kicks in. The reason the internal components of a well built supercharged engine are beefed up is for the extra power. If you put a supercharger on a naturally aspirated engine [non-supercharged], it will fail early.

Bottom line, Mustang Cobra, SN-95 2 SVT superchargers fail. They are right on top of the engine, absorbing tremendous heat, and working hard the whole time. If a rebuilt supercharger is what you need, take a minute to call and speak with the supercharger experts. The folks answering the phones are real live humans, they also know all about superchargers and applications.

Call @ 1-866-244-4905 right away and find out why our customers send their friends to us.

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